"I always feel amazing after my treatments with Kylie, like my body is new again. 😊 She is very good at what she does and knows the body well. I have an injury in my glut/hip I have been struggling with for a while and after seeing a Physio for months with very slow results I went to Kylie. She knew exactly how to treat the area and I walked away feeling so much better. Finally, some results! Thank you Kylie, you have a magic touch." - Bec Reilly, Flight Attendant

"I’ve been suffering with tight shoulders, neck and lower back pain for years and I was recommended by a friend to see Kylie. I felt immediate relief afterwards and my posture improved a lot. I even felt taller! I highly recommend Kylie for a session, especially if you have old injuries." - Jorge Tamayo, Business Owner

"Kylie takes into account not just local muscular issues, but also understands the connected body and nervous system. She also does a great job relieving emotional stress buildup. Amazing work, definitely have a go." - Andrew Sedlak, IT

"This lady is a master of massage. Her sense, intuition and knowledge of her craft are truly amazing. 6 out of 5 stars." - Chris Evans, Landscaper

"Kylie is the real deal! As a professional dancer a deep tissue massage is a regular and mandatory experience. After many over the years, Kylie is one of my absolute favorites and most of all I really trust her with looking after my body." - Ellen Sutton, Dancer

"Kylie and Roberta offer the best massages and always gets to the little niggles that others might not find. Lovely treatment room, it's always warm and I always feel such an improvement in my body upon walking out. Love it!" - Ingrid Nesje, Project Manager

"Seriously the BEST!" - Caitlin Bailey, Mother

"Love massages with Kylie! She always seems to find those tight muscles and I walk out as a new and very relaxed person." - Maree Magafas, Administration

"A good friend recommended Kylie after she helped relieve a problem with her shoulder. I had a problem with tendonitis in my elbow and heel and poor circulation following my recent travels. Magic hands Kylie is a miracle worker, and I've suggested a name change to Transformational Body Massage, because thanks to Kylie's treatments, advice on stretches and dry body brushing, I feel better than I have in a long time." - Malamo Loutas, Librarian

"Kylie has a great knowledge of the body, and is super friendly. If you need regular massage for maintenance she’s as good as anyone." -Mark Pistilli, Lawyer

"Kylie is without question the best Massage Therapist I've ever been to. I can't recommend her highly enough! Not only does she have an amazingly therapeutic touch, but she has an in-depth knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy which really allows her to target any underlying issues. She has been hugely beneficial for me- thanks Kylie!" - Monisha Dhami, Doctor

"Six stars 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 for Kylie! We've been seeing Kylie regularly as a family 👪. She's fantastic, in fact one of the best in town. You want someone professional and looking after you she's the one and only person. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" - Guvenc Cabbar, Handyman/Courier

"Kylie has been my Massage Therapist for many years and I really look forward to my monthly appointments. She's very professional, friendly and creates an environment that's perfect for relaxing & unwinding whilst she works wonders on the aches, pains and sore spots. I travel a fair way from my home to see her but it's worth it." - Ayla Pelit-Cabbar, Adminstration

"Kylie is hands down the best Massage Therapist I have ever engaged. She is very knowledgable and more than that, incredibly instinctive. She's helped me so much when nothing else has." - Lisa Rutledge, Photographer

"The massage I had frequently during my pregnancy worked wonders! So much that I've continued to go back after my pregnancy. The feeling you've got in your body when you walk out after a treatment is great and addictive. I will highly recommend Kylie to anyone, pregnant or not pregnant!" - Katrine Aasted, Nurse

"Next level cranial release! I was basically floating after the first session with Kylie. Her deep tissue massage technique combined with nerve stretches and fascia breakdown left a problematic shoulder in much better shape than when I walked through the door." - Kate Cooney, Medical Sales

"Kylie is amazing. I feel so good after her massages. I have been having massages for over 15 years now and no one compares to her. I am so lucky to have found you." - Lidia Pistilli, Mother

"I have always had trouble with my hamstrings and overall tightness in my legs. I am quite new to seeing Kylie but have been blown away at how much knowledge she has about the body. She has practised several techniques on me that no one has ever tried before and is offering me new solutions, showing steady progress each time. Can't recommend her enough." - Lauren Currie, Administration/Pole Dancer

"Kylie is amazing - so professional and experienced. I always feel good after a massage but Kylie knows and understands my problems and works to achieve a long term result. My wellbeing has improved dramatically since I have been having regular massages with Kylie." - Meredith Waterford, Administrator

"Kylie is amazing! So professional and knowledgable! I was having regular massages with Kylie during my pregnancy which helped dramatically and fortnightly massages post pregnancy has worked wonders on my body. Would highly recommend her!" - Giorgia Waterford, Mother & Makeup Artist

"Kylie's definitely professional and hard work to get me from B to A! Her helps does improve a lot of my backache and shoulder soreness. Now It becomes my fantastic pampering sessions for each month and I'd happily recommend their service to all of my friends." - Ada Chiang, Corporate

"Kylie is amazing! She saw my 10yr old son on Saturday, who has visited many Physios to fix a knee problem from soccer. The Physios only worked on his knee and he never felt any relief. Kylie relieved his pain after one visit. She worked on not only his knee but his feet, legs and lower back. My son played soccer Saturday afternoon like he used to... no pain and with a BIG smile. I am reluctant to share my joy as I want to keep Kylie all to myself!" - Deborah Testafredda, Corporate

"I have been getting a deep tissue massage every month for 18 months. My job is strenuous and whilst i am fit i find regular massage balances out any residual stress and keeps me in tune. I'd recommend Kylie to anybody for her magic hands and wonderful attitude." - Peter Dayman, Dentist

"Kylie is a great massage therapist who always finds those areas that need attentio . Always professional and friendly. Our regular massages keep me moving and migraine free. Would highly recommend Kylie to anyone! Love the new room in Coogee." - Amanda Washington, Travel Agent

"Kylie is Amazing. I heard great things about her, and I had a really bad neck from working late so decided to see if she lived up to the hype. Well, in one session my neck felt so much better. Kylie has so much knowledge about the body and just seems to have a knack to be able to find the bits that need help. Would very much recommend." - Kate Barnett , Superannuation Advisor

"I was lucky enough to find Kylie over two years ago when  I had back and neck issues that was impacting every area of my life , even sleeping at night was uncomfortable and painful.  With initial regular fortnightly treatments the pain has gone and now I continue to have monthly treatments to ensure that the pain doesn’t return. She is knowledgeable, professional, provides advice on what to do to achieve improvement in your body’s health and most importantly  she manages to find the knots that releases the pain . I can highly recommend Kylie to anyone who is seeking a professional therapist and in fact on my recommendation my brother now too has become a regular client of Kylie’s."  - Julia Tuntevski

"I have been going to Kylie for almost 3 years now. Initially I had very bad back and neck pain. With regular massages, lifestyle tips and exercises the pain is now gone and I enjoy maintenance and relaxation massages! Kylie is very professional and an overall lovely person. Would highly recommend her as I do to all my friends and family!" -Rebecca Kotsornithis, Massage Therapist & Nutritionist at well4life

"I often wake up with a stiff neck, usually due to the way I sleep. Unfortunately the last time it occurred was at a very bad time. I had an important gig on that night (I play drums in a band). I had already had to cancel the previous night which is how bad it was. In a moment of desperation, a family member recommended Kylie. Sure enough she managed to fit me in, and did absolute wonders.  I couldn't believe the relief I felt after an hour long massage . Kylie is a true professional in her field and would recommend her to anyone in a similar predicament, as well as those who wish to avoid such situations." - Evan Kotsornithis, Musician

"I have been a client of Kylie's for over three years now. I am a Personal Trainer and love to train myself, so my body of ten needs a massage to work out my sore muscles. I just tell Kylie where it hurts and she can always tell me what muscle or muscles it is that needs the attention. She is  very knowledgeable about the body's mechanics and how it relates to a specific exercise and or sport. I highly recommend Kylie for a Remedial Massage." - Amy Singam, Personal Trainer

"Kylie is a very experienced massage therapist who gets great results I have received many treatments from Kylie and was very impressed with her knowledge and techniques. As a Massage Therapist myself, I am very choosy with regard to whom I receive treatments from. I would highly recommend Kylie to anyone who needs remedial massage."  - Zoe Cochrane, Massage Therapist

"I got more out of a five minute consultation with Kylie than with several sessions elsewhere. Kylie quickly understood my issue, had a plan of attack and fantastic advice. Kylie's holistic approach is highly effective. Just one massage changed everything. I have had just a couple of sessions so far, a  little homework and have already improved significantly. Highly recommended, I can't wait for the next session." - Hayley Adams

"Since my second pregnancy, I'd been really struggling with exhausting daily back pain. I'd tried many massage therapists but could not find long-lasting relief. With Kylie however, I noticed a big difference after the first massage. Through subsequent massages, she has been able to help correct and strengthen my posture and alleviate the pain that I had been suffering with for over 18 months. In addition to the massages, she also gives me advice on light exercises specific to my body that help me to easily maintain my stronger posture. Kylie's remedial massages also compliment my Chiropractic treatments and Pilates classes perfectly - so much so that my Pilates instructor commented on how much I have advanced recently! I can't recommend Kylie enough." - Inez Garcia

"I've felt & seen incredible  improvements in my back, shoulder, and knee pain after getting treatments from Kylie. Her natural talent for massage and wholistic wellbeing  is clear from the first moment she lays hands on you. I'd highly recommend anyone to at least try one of Kylie's highly professional treatments - but you won't want to just stop at one!" - Caitlin Rosalie

"I had the best remedial massage with Kylie! No sore area can hide from her. I felt the benefits for days after. I highly recommend a visit to her to feel like a million bucks again!" - Marie-Claire Verrender, Coco's Wealth of Health

"Being a long time Massage Therapy recipient I had formed a belief that for a session to be of benefit meant I had to endure the rigors meted out by the therapist. ie., no pain, no gain. So most sessions were an endurance test where my body was continually trying to resist the onslaught. Then a lovely friend "shared" Kylie with me. It was then that I realised I had been "massage abused". My experiences now are still strong and deep but applied with a finesse that allows my body to surrender to the treatment and thus gain the full benefits of the massage. Kylie's muscular system anatomy knowledge is evident during each session as she always seems to "hit the spot". Thanks Kylie." - Victor Ossington, UNSW

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank and recommend Kylie for helping me to recover from a surf incident. I must admit, for a while my left shoulder was out of sorts/useless, but with Kylie’s therapy and deep tissue manipulation I was back on the water again in no time. I find Kylie a very experienced, skilled Massage Therapist with a passion for helping people with holistic, compassionate care. I strongly recommend her. " - Steven Singam, IT

"We have been very fortunate to have the skilful hands of Kylie regularly work her magic over our tired bodies for the last nine years. Kylie has intuitive hands, that always knows where to find the hot spots and leaves us feeling relaxed and rejuvenated." - Kathy & Vincent Liew, Mother & Dentist

"Kylie is an experienced massage therapy and dry needling practitioner . She is a very professional and approachable person who is able to help you achieve your health goals. I have known Kylie since 2003 and since then I have been having continuous treatment with her. She is very skilled at what she does and I highly recommend her treatments!" - Raquel De Souza, Massage Therapist

"I have been Kylie’s client for a couple of years now. A regular massage has now become a requisite part of my life. After years of weight training, I recently experienced tendonitis. I had severe discomfort in my bicep and after making no progress with a Physiotherapist, Kylie was able to target the tension in my forearms to relieve the pain I was experiencing. I am now back in the gym and feeling healthy again. I am very happy with Kylie's diligent and thorough techniques and her therapy has been crucial for me to assist in muscle repair and maintenance." - Nick Schoenmaker, Financial Advisor

"I have been enjoying massage sessions with Kylie for at least 5 years now. She is unfailingly on time for home massages and comes with all the necessary equipment. Whether I am looking for a deep remedial massage or something more generally relaxing, Kylie invariably provides the desired level of treatment. Her professional  skills are complemented by her bright personality and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for home massage services at a very reasonable price." - Gary Norton, Retiree